ZEREX G-05 Antifreeze Concentrate - Coolant

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The ATSM and field test data has proven the high performance corrosion inhibitor package and universal compatibility of G-05.  When diluted 50% with water, ZEREX G-05 protects modern engine components from winter freezing and summer boil over.  A 50% to 70% concentration range is suggested for optimum corrosion protection. Valvoline G-05 is compatible with quality glycol based coolant commonly available. It contains a high quality defoamer system and will not harm hoses, plastics or original vehicle finishes.

Features and Benefits

> Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT).

> Its lower-silicate, neutral pH, phosphate free European technology protects all cooling system metals (including aluminium) from corrosion.

> Prevents cold weather freeze ups and hot weather boil overs.

> Protects against hard water scale build up for both petrol and diesel engines.

> Long life protection for up to 5 years or 160,000 km (which ever comes first) at a 50% concentration.

> Colour: Green.


> Daimler Chrysler Approved

> ChryslerMS 7170,MS 9769

> MTU Approved

> Detroit Diesel7SE2987

> Federal SpecA-A-870-A

> John DeereApproved

> Ford WSSM97B51-A1

> ASTM D3306

> SAE J1034,J814

> General Motors1825M, 1899M

Part Numbers

> 208L: 0934.28

> 60L: 0940.50

> 20L: 0940.20

> 5L: 0934.50

> 2.5L: 0934.88

> 1L: 0934.58

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