SuperSyn Universal Synthetic ATF

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SUS3226 and SUS322605-3

SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF is a premium quality, high performance formulation of 100% synthetic base oils and a sophisticated additive package that meets or exceeds the performance, protection and service requirements of virtually all makes and models of automatic transmission manufactured worldwide. It may also be used for power steering units and hydraulic systems.

SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF may be used as a fluid top-off, or for drain-and-fill or flush-and-fill installation. Flush-and-fill provides the greatest benefit as essentially all fluid is replaced.

SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF provides the superior performance and protection benefits of synthetic fluids and an advanced additive package for extended life service in transmissions with improved high and low temperature, heavy duty, severe service and anti-wear protection.

SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF is manufactured to our AQA™ standards of quality control that exceed industry standards. Every batch is laboratory tested from base stocks and additives to finished product, in order to consistently deliver an exceptional level of product quality.


Features and Benefits

Superior all-temperature, year-round protection and performance - SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF remains fluid at extremely low temperatures for cold weather shifting and to eliminate premature wear (especially at start-up) and maintains its properties at high temperatures and under extreme loads and operating conditions.

Enhanced anti-wear protection and shear stability - SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF will help to extend the life and service intervals of your transmission, especially for transmissions experiencing more startup and/or shift cycles, or extreme loads or environments.

Smoother shifting, protects against shudder - The synthetic and additive technologies combine to provide smoother, more consisting shifting performance and provide smooth, positive lockup, reducing shudder.

Extended life of service and performance - Synthetic ATF will maintain its performance for longer than conventional ATF, especially under more demanding conditions.

One fluid for all transmission service eliminates the potential of putting the wrong fluid in a vehicle and eliminates the confusion of what fluid and, if applicable, what supplement to use.

Installers need to stock only one fluid for all service and do not need to stock transmission fluid supplements.

Additional uses - SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF may also be used to service power steering units and certain hydraulic systems.



SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF is designed for use in:

Passenger cars, Light and Heavy Duty Trucks, Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, On/Off Highway Vehicles, Buses and Coaches, Emergency Vehicles

Virtually all automatic transmissions manufactured around the world

Not for use in CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) or DCT (Dual Clutch Transmissions)  which require specialized fluids.

May also be used in power steering units and hydraulic systems



SuperSyn™ Universal Synthetic ATF is suitable for use in the following vehicles, or in vehicles that specify the following requirements:



Chrysler (Mopar) ATF-Plus, ATF +3, ATF +4

Allison C-3, C-4, TES-295, TES-389 •  CAT TO-2

BMW, Honda/ Acura, Hyundai, JASO, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan/ Infinity Matic, Toyota/ Lexus T-(II, III, IV), WS, Volvo, VW


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12/1 Qt: SUS3226

3/5 Qt: SUS322605-3

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