Repsol Nautico Outboard & Jet Ski 2 Stroke

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Nautico Outboard & Jet Ski 2 Stroke

Lubricant oil for high performance outboard 2-stroke engines. Its highly refined and exclusive additive mineral base formulation provides the highest performance in jet skis, in addition to securing the best protection against damp and corrosion. Its exceptional quality meets the NMMA TC-W3 standard and enables you to obtain intense enjoyment at the controls of a powerful jet ski while ensuring maximum mechanical protection.


  • Its additives reduce oxidation and corrosion of the internal parts. This is a very important factor in marine environments (given their high corrosiveness). 
  • Avoids segment sticking. 
  • Its dispersing additives keep the engines and exhaust vents clean. 
  • Improves start-up and reduces friction. 
  • Protects against seizing, the sweating of spark plugs and auto-ignition.
  • NMMA TC-W3
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