Repsol Cartago Autoblocante 80w/90

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It is an extreme pressure multigrade oil lubricant, recommended for use in limited slip differentials and drive axles for public works vehicles and four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicles where fluids with LSD (limited slip differential) characteristics are needed. They may also be used in non-limited slip differentials which require an API GL-5 quality level.


  • It incorporates a friction modifier that ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle's locking system. 
  • Proven effectiveness in severe conditions of high loads and abrupt decelerations, where the gears are subjected to heavy wear. 
  • High corrosion resistance demonstrated in trials conducted in the presence of water and high temperatures. 
  • Prevents foaming and ensures proper lubrication of components, avoiding premature wear. 
  • Its additivation incorporates technology backed by thousands of miles of trouble-free operation. 

Quality level

  • API GL-5 
  • ZF TE-ML 05C/07A/08/12C/21C
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