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SynPower 10W-50

SynPower SAE 10W-50 is a full synthetic motor oil that is ideal for high performance V8’s and engines using alcohol fuels.

SynPower 10W-50 offers optimum performance for petrol, carburetted or fuel injected systems with or without catalytic converter, and is suitable for both passenger and light diesel engines.

Features and Benefits

> Offers ideal protection for turbo-charged vehicles.

> Reduces “soak down” problems associated with deposit formation on turbo bearings.

> Deposit control by reducing sludge and varnish formation.

> Wear protection though improved oil film strengthand resistance to oil breakdown under extreme temperatures and severe driving conditions.

> Fully compatible with conventional and leading synthetic motor oils.


> SAE 10W-50




> VW502.00

> VW505.00

Part Numbers

> Bulk: 1165

> 205L: 1165.51

> 20L: 1165.55

> 5L: 1165.05

SKU 1165
Size Bulk, 205L, 20L and 5L


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